Winter or Spring?

The previous week the garden was covered with snow. I went out then and photographed the beautiful snowy landscape. Totally wonderful. Ice on the polishing pond and a lot of water in the narrow ditch. Snow on the new info-house’s little tiled roof. In the forest garden you could see only the red flags that waved in the wind.  But today the sky was blue and the sun shone the whole day.. It felt like spring in the air. As if any day, perhaps, the first snowdrops will come out. But according to the weather forecast, this is the warmest day this week. On Wednesday we get frost at night again.

It is still winter, so, besides a lot of administration, I cook pumpkin soups with 7 kilos of pumpkin at a time. Both Caribbean and Arabian.. Two completely different worlds. The first light and spicy from chilli, based on coconut milk. The second round, tasty and filling, with Turkish yoghurt.

I had a conversation with the architect today. It is now time to decide about the windows and doors. We are looking for windows with the lowest U-values, besides those produced by our local joinery, and based on the requirements of the zero- and passive-house standard. We have searched for and found fibre insulation-light clay mix.  Fibre insulation is composed of hemp shavings that have been coated with a fat clay. Perfect insulation for the house foundation in addition to foam glass. The neighbour has offered his floor for storing the certified straw bales which together add up to 80m3. We all need such good-hearted neighbours, don’t we?

Now it is almost time to go through all the seeds and plan the cultivation. The sowing calendar for the year has already come. Furthermore we have built movable stands in the future workshop where the plants get a lot of light until it is time, after hardening, to move out into the greenhouse tunnel.  The greenhouse tunnel that’s getting a new skin for spring. The Österlen Garden Tour had a meeting at the museum in Simrishamn. The newly-founded association’s goal is to have 100 gardens on display. Yes, Österlen is well known for its fine and well-tended gardens, in contrast to our permacultural co-cultivation 🙂

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