Vegetarian Cooking

Carola the goat has had two kids. The first is a little girl and the second a big, strong guy. That’s how it goes when the hormones are in control. 😉 But of course they are equally cute! The outhouse is finished and since it is placed in the east towards the sea we have given it a touch of the harbour in Kivik… We’re now changing the outer layer on the greenhouse tunnel. It was both cracked in various places and chlorophyll green in colour. It feels great! On Saturday it’s time for permaculture in practice. Then the worm farm will be placed here and that really needs a roof over its head. 🙂

Yesterday Eve started her evening course in vegetarian cooking. The theme yesterday was root crops from the earth cellar. Next time it’s beans and lentils. Everyone was happy and full when they left! Speaking of food, Marie Sandgren and Catharina Ehlo are coming to hold tasty seminars at Skåne’s Food Festival in Brösarp on 22-24 May. Marie wants to inspire us to make green smoothies and Catharina is lecturing on food as medicine. In this way we aim to contribute on the theme of Sustainable health at the food festival.

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