Vegetable garden and climate change beat records

Today the window cleaner from Pärs Måleri in Bollerup was here and washed our windows with ionised water, an alkaline water whose benefits are based upon the alkaline principle found in the raw food movement and which increases both weight loss and well-being. So you can be sure that our windows beam with joy today! No chemicals, no solvent, only water. This is a sustainable solution, isn’t it? Yesterday dance therapist Barbro Carelius-Hallgren was here and led a workshop. Nice meetings, happy laughter and leaping, increased self-awareness and gratitude made this workshop a special experience.

Now the hay is in the barn. Ca. 1000 small ecological bales this year. We have never mowed so early, but it was time and it certainly dried quickly and the kitchen garden is breaking records this year. Never before have we had so many wild raspberries and gooseberries. The cherries are harvested but not the currants yet. Don’t have time to catch up with jellies, chutneys, marmalades and stews. Carrots, parsnips, beetroot and maize standing proudly. The garlic is already beginning to wilt. Pea pods, salads, spinach, cucumbers, courgettes, etc. are harvested continuously. We offer of course, among other things, Ecotopia plates and salad plates at the eco-cafe. Go straight down to the kitchen garden and collect raw materials – what luxury! At the same time I make the hens happy 🙂 But on the other hand, climate change with it’s extreme weather data is quite disturbing this year – the warning signs of our time!

It is mainly young families with children that are booking into the eco-cabins. Parents with two to three young children from one year and up. Those who live on Ecotopia get, in contrast to visitors to the exhibition and eco-cafe (guided tour only), to go around on the farm on their own. Then one gets to see how small children engage with the animals, the flowers and taste the berries. It is a nice experience to see them present here and now among undemanding animals in nature.

Planning of the forest garden has begun. We have set aside a sun trap on 900 m2 of natural land in hilly landscape. A mapping of the farm’s plants, fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes, etc. forms the basis of the list that will be supplemented. Looking forward to this workshop on 20-24 August, with participants from last year’s PDC who are looking forward to meeting again.

Sitting just now with the autumn and winter program. The theme will be sustainable health and lifestyle. There will be new interesting lecturers coming to Ecotopia. Also planning a course in clay building techniques in conjunction with the Building Preservation Assocation (Byggnadsvårdsföreningen).

Have a nice time now in the summer sunshine and store vitamin D that your body can later make use of 😉

  1. Can one join to the courses if outside sweden? just wondering

    • Hi LeeRoy!
      There’s no reason why you should not participate, where ever you come from. Send your application or any questions you have using the contact form.

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