A typhical untyphical week

diplomA week at Ecotopia might look like this: On Monday the foundation Sparbanken Syd held their annual award for “Newthinkers”, and we were invited as finalists. What a festive conference! Standup comedian Karin Adelsköld was the moderator and held a lecture, and so did scientist Mats Lindgren and IT expert Christer Månsson. Thanks to thorough planning the event was very succesful. The worthy winner of the award was Skillinge Emalj AB. Their craft is an exciting combination of old craftmanship and modern art.

image003After this Monday, several group visits followed. They were from schools, tourist information centers and the congregation of Mariakyrkan in Ystad. On Thursday we had a theme evening about homeopathy with Margaretha Margaretha Orvelius from Malmö Homeopathy center. The interest in this subject amongst the young audience was so big that we are now planning theme evening part 2 and 3 next year. I am especially happy about this since I have had homeopathic treatments for my whole adult life. I’ve managed to avoid traditional medicine, except for when I had an accident and broke my foot when we just moved here. My homeopath doctor Dr. Payrhuber lives far away in Salzburg so I had to try morphine in Ystad 🙁 But since I have been doing fine without it 🙂


The frost came this week so now all tomatoes and paprikas are harvested. I’ve been making tomato soup flavoured with white wine and sherry. Three out of six boxes of paprika have been given to our neighbours, the nuns at Mariavall monestary, and the rest will be cooked some evening soon. The nice and competent film maker Joen Bergenrud is making a small film about Ecotopia, so he was here to film the harvest. Only the brussel sprouts and the  leek remains in the garden, plus the self sown salad that is showing up. Very mild for the season – that is how the climate change is described 🙁 The greenhouse is being emptied but you can still pick some physalis and mache salad. I’ve been to the grave in Bara and picked quince fruit from a childhood tree that nobody wants. This lovely, hard, and perhaps not the most pretty fruit smells wonderful in the kitchen… and my car as well as my teeth passed the inspection – luckily!

On Saturday it was time for the 38th guided tour this year. And one thing is for sure – the visitors only gets more interesting each time. We get to meet all these aware, free thinking and independent people. Exciting people who also dives in deep. Thank you for these rewarding meetings and dialogues!

Wow, it’s windy! The wind blows from southwest with a speed of 30 metres/sec, so it just managed to open the office door all by itself. Nice work, right? Luckily no guests are coming until tomorrow. It’s a group from Österlen school who will have a farewell dinner for a coworker who is leaving. We will serve a mushroom strudel with chanterelles, rice and a cold herb sauce. With it a salad mix and paprika. For dessert, blackberries from the farm under a cover of French meringue with almond flakes, physalis and old fashioned vanilla ice cream. It’s simply what we have in the house 🙂

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