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seedsThe first signs of spring have now come to Ecotopia which, unusually for Skåne, lies in growing zone 2. During the past three weeks snowdrops, crocuses and buttercups stood in beautiful postures reminiscent of the wax figures at Madame Tussauds in London. What a treat for the eyes! The bees popped out for three warm days last week, but they’ve returned inside once again. They probably know it will be colder over the weekend 😉

The seed bank and community farming in transition project (omställningsprojektet) members have now gone their separate ways, but will meet again on June 08 at 14:00. The seed bank met last Thursday when Jan Friheden lectured on how to collect and store seeds in what was an inspiring dissemination of knowledge. Arne Jansson from PIS, a guest lecturer for the Permaculture Design Certificate course in August, also took part, sharing the knowledge of experience. Then we exchanged our seeds.

On March 27 at 15:00, Eva Lemte, president of the Sesam association (Föreningen Sesam) will join us for a presentation. On 24 April, Holger Kahn from the eco-village in Baskemölla will pay us a visit to discuss the seed bank that he helped to build up in New Zealand 22 years ago. As you can see, we are laying the foundations of the seed bank. By first gathering and storing the knowledge and experience, we create a starting point, to then begin filling the seed bank with live seeds. Please be aware that our door is always open to new visitors and participants, but only general meetings are published in the calendar.

Here is Marie’s report from the community farming event:

The community farming team has held its first meeting and decided to grow vegetables together at the home of member Solveig Falk, outside Skåne Tranås. The plot offers good soil on a southern slope with a stable wall to the north, as well as opportunities to expand in the future. There’s plenty of water on site and natural manure is available nearby. We’re currently investigating the possibility of getting a local farmer to help us plough the section. Simultaneously we’re making a wishlist of crops the members want, as well as a list of the seeds already available, ahead of the next meeting. Squash, pumpkin, and various kinds of beans are some of those being considered.

In addition to this primary growing area, a secondary one is planned for outside of Bollerup, for those who want to grow potatoes and other root crops that require less supervision.

Besides producing vegetables that are good to eat, we hope to learn more about organic farming from each other, get to know other people who also want to increase their level of self-sufficiency and build sustainable local networks for the future, learn to take care of and prepare vegetables in more ways than we can today, and inspire more self-sufficiency and resilience in Österlen.

Our next meeting is in Skåne Tranås on Sunday 30 March at 12 p.m. It will be an active meeting where we’ll work the soil and cut down bushes, among other things. Bring tools for the work and bring your own lunch. There’s room for more growers if you’re keen to participate. For more info contact







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