Take one’s own responsibility, oh yes!

Now I am holding the whole thing. I mean Ecotopia in its entirety. Roland has gone on holiday to Turkey. So I feed the animals, water in the greenhouse, take care of guests who stay overnight, clean, administer, organise, work on the building site, hold lectures, make rawfood cakes, hold guided tours and study visits, harvest, light the fire in the boiler room… Now for the first time I look over the whole of Ecotopia and can carry out all the daily activities. It took a few years but I’m now ahead and feel secure.  That self-confidence and to be independent makes me very happy 🙂 But there is a weak point and that is the checkout. I stand with notes and read beforehand, and take it one step at a time. I neither want to do it nor find it fun, but I have to. And to have to is something that I do not like at all 🙁

This evening a group of students is coming from Denmark that will stay until Friday. On Sunday 19/10 at 14:00 we have the Transition project, Community Growing and Seed Bank meeting. Then we will harvest after the first year’s project work and establish the same.

All are welcome, including the curious that live in our local community.

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