Energy Calculation

Our energy advisor, Wolfgang Holzmann from Austria, calculated all the energy analyses simultaneously as the building processes at Ecotopia på Österlen unfolded, and on completion handed over a final energy declaration. All of these requirements were informed by climate data, where every wall, window and door in every room, as well as the ground and the attic have been carefully measured out and factored in. Ventilation, warming systems, fresh water geysers, warmth recycling as well as heat losses have all been included. This breakdown of calculations clearly illustrates the amount of kWh/m2a and the U-worths, as per all the specific measurements and materials we have chosen, as well as a total summary of the U-worth of the completed building. In the year of 2006 the demand for energy declarations for all new buildings in Austria, outgoing from EU guidelines, was introduced in order to lower energy usage, consumption expenses and CO2 emissions. As energy effective and renewable energy is steering new building regulations in Austria, they are connected with a large network of energy advisors and many different types of state contributions to building proprietors who invest in sustainable solutions.