Self-sufficient House Holding


To continue, step by step, the exploration of ecological self-sufficient house holding is a linchpin at Ecotopia på Österlen. When we discuss food, today we are mostly self-sufficient on domestic and wild fruit and vegetables, berries, spices, honey and wild meat. Of our own local resources we include a sustainable supply of useful materials such as stone, clay, sand, grass, and wood. The heating and the electricity production is generated through renewable energy from solar and earthen systems, as well as clean water supply from a borehole. Instead of purchasing plants we have distributed existing plants on the farm. We save seeds in the autumn for sewing in the spring. The chickens the goats and the sheep give manure for composting, as well as humanure systems which contribute much faecel matter and urine. Mature compost and ash become nutrition for the food growing gardens, and the humanure and urine composts are distributed across the ecological pastures. At this time we have discontinued any further farming support for our ecological pasture from the EU, due to incompatibility difficulties with regulation controls that did not meet the needs of our own self sufficiency here at Ecotopia på Österlen. The next step is to grow our own ecological seed.