Eco-cycle Adaptation

To complete a cycle is also one of the pillars of ecological building:

The resources used in a sustainable construction should circulate in an ecological cycle. Energy systems based on renewable energy sources are used. Sewage systems are chosen that recycle nutrients. Organic material is returned to the earth to provide nutrients for vegetation and cultivation” write Varis Bokalder & Maria Block.

Warming up the water in an accumulation system happens through a combined warming system that includes a combo-heating furnace with solar thermal panels, wood burner and accumulator tanks. The photovoltaic panels are producing solar electricity. The climate data is also the foundation for the calculation of the warming system as well as placement of the solar thermal and solar photovoltaic panels. Organic materials from waste products are composted  as well as faeces and urine, which via differing methods all go back to the ecological growing pastures, so that nutrition is fully recycled. The remaining grey water from the draw water system is cleaned via settlement wells and an aggregate filter bed, after which it is lead through a nutrient absorption stream to a clay lined earth pond where the plants regulate the cleaning and oxygenation processes.