Combination Warming System


The heating distribution is a closed water borne circulation system and is transferred via floor and wall heating pipes. Water piping in the walls are inset in the interior clay plaster finish, while floor heating is cast into the floor slab. Heating up the water happens through 2 solar thermal panels each 12,6 m2, which is compensated by a furnace wich burns wood, pellets and wood chips. While the primary source is solar, timber is our secondary source of fuel, as we are not far from the forest. Our alternative source is pellets, for when we don’t feel well, lazy, or go on holiday, etc. The water warms up and is stored in four accumulator tanks. Two tanks for each of the solar thermal panels, as they are installed on two different roofs facing South, and two tanks which circulate primarily via the furnace. Though the heating sources are differential, the stored warmth is consistently shared and distributed as evenly across the accumulation system, so that when the solar warming is too little, the furnace takes over.