Sun, home remedies and the circular economy

Ecological cultivation, permaculture, solar energy, waste and natural medicine. The autumn course offerings cover a broad range.

First up is Ingalill Kjellqvist, who for the fourth term in a row is leading a course on qigong and inspiration to self-healing, based upon Sanna Ehdin Anandala’s book ’12 veckor till ett självläkande liv’ (’12 weeks to a self-healing life’), starting on 01 September.

On 17 September is a theme evening about waste, rubbish and sustainable development, with environmental educator Rustan Nilsson from Sysab. At the same time, the new refuse sorting house at Ecotopia, which is built from compressed earth and has windows made from bottle bottoms, is being inaugurated.

On 20 September the two transition groups in which Ecotopia is engaged, collective cultivation in Skåne Tranås and the building up of a local seedbank, are holding an open meeting for all those who are interested. And on 26 September Charlotte Wallenborg is hosting a journey into the healing world of plants. It will be a single-day course on essential oils and aromatherapy.

Sustainability consultant Emma Pettersson from Hifab is holding a half-day course on the circular economy on 02 October. It will discuss what the circular economy is and how one can think around the business possiblities within it.

Åke Wikström from Hållbar Hälsa is leading a weekend course on ecological cultivation and how to take care of the harvest, for example through lactic acid fermentation, on 9-11 October. The course will also discuss why raw food is also healthy in winter and on Friday 09 October he’s holding an open theme evening on the importance of consuming and buying “ecological” products.

Hans Messenböck and team are leading a workshop on how to build solar panels on 17-18 October and Holger Kahl from Människor och Natur Österlen (People and Nature Österlen) is holding a single-day course in practical permaculture at which you can learn to take care of the soil before winter, on 24 October.

Wild October on 24-25 October concerns an ongoing straw bale house build at Ecotopia.

And 12 November Catarina Ehlo from Stjärnörter teaches how you can avoid colds in winter at a theme evening on home remedies.

The autumn term at Ecotopia concludes with a cooking course in which celebrated cook Eve Maltais, from Eve’s Bistro, teaches how to make a five-course vegetarian Christmas menu, on 28 November.

Course offerings for the joint creation of a sustainable future in this time of change 🙂

You can read more here (in Swedish)…

Welcome to Ecotopia!

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