Summer, painting & permaculture

Summer has now arrived with a bang! So now Maria Attström, who held courses in environmentally-friendly painting at Ecotopia in the spring, is painting the meeting place with waterglass and Alabaster’s silicate mineral paint, which doesn’t contain any plastic. You can see the lovely result in the pictures. In addition, we are utilising the peak of summer for repairs and completion of the roof on the straw bale cabins etc. This takes place when we’re not building the straw bale house.

The certification course in Permaculture Design with Christoff Schneider concluded this week. A very informative and intensive course that builds upon Bill Mollison’s life’s work, the Designer’s Manual. Catharina Ehlo led the group’s herb hike. Another practical training course involved turning green manure in the forest garden using Japanese garden tools among edible and human-height rye. You can read more in this newspaper article (dated 15th July 2015; in Swedish).  That was the last course for this spring and summer. But on the 1th of  September the educations for the period autumn/winter starts.

In order to give guests and group participants a free and protected space on Ecotopia we have put up signs that refer to our guided tours. It feels, in fact, really good to not have unknown people with cameras outside the bedroom window on a Sunday morning 😉 Now that also applies to the holiday accommodation in the eco-cabins. Friendly eco-tourists who, like us, are enjoying Österlen in the sunshine!


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