Straw bale house building 

Certified straw bales were delivered on Tuesday and we put them into storage in the neighbour’s barn. Five people came to help so it took only two hours. Now the studs that we prefabricated in winter are being put up and it is exciting to behold the view from every window. A completely new perspective on the farm. It was a wise move to set up weather protection. We now have a dry and warm working space with no wind  – truly cosy. Here you would now, in fact, be able to eat a dinner on a set table with lit candles….soon it is time for the topping out ceremony. But first the courses in straw bale house building will be held. The second course will cover straw bale houses in the passive house standard! There are still places left so it is still possible to apply.

Erik was here to prune his fruit trees. Through Walpurgis Night and the first of May the only thing we’re doing is taking care of the cultivation. So we will be working outside even if it’s raining…!  Now we’re seeing the plants that come up when we lift the ground cover. The grass has also managed to grow so that we can collect grass trimmings. We are really a little late this year but it’s not possible to do everything at once. The winter salad will soon be blossoming so that we can harvest what we eat. The rest can remain so that we can collect seeds. Besides this we are harvesting nettle, chickweed, dandelions, ground elder, etc. Beautiful in the salad, the green smoothies and the food.

The future café with Ulrich Nitsch has developed into a genuine meeting driven by open, honest and very personal dialogues. One study visits succeeds the other. Mostly international students from around the world. So it’s not German, which I had thought, but rather English which counts. What cultural dialogues and meetings you can be involved in, and we all have sustainability issues in focus 🙂 All my life I dreamed of travelling to Tibet. Now I have been invited there!  What an exciting Spring!

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