Roof edging on strawbale cabin

Last weekend we had Open Farm day with two guided tours, eco-café and plants for sale. My friends visiting from Austria helped out with baking and building a stall out of surplus material. We also received a proposal on how to decorate the roof edging on the second strawbale cabin with scrap larch wood. He made a model and doesn’t it look good in real life? A beautiful framing for the cabin and the future grass roof.

Our neighbour gave us permission to fetch leftover beech trunks from the woods, which are suitable for growing shiitake mushrooms. Elisabeth is collecting algae in the cleaning pond. It looks like she’s washing clothes, doesn’t it? The algae will be used as ground cover in the plots of vegetables. During the weekend we will sow beans and peas. The earth is warm enough by now. Thus all plants and seeds have taken their places. All according to crop rotation, the intercropping lists and the sow calendar. Feels nice and safe.

Tonight we have a theme night about solar energy. With two experts in this field, Andreas Olsson (Egen El) and Björn Stensson (Svenska Solgruppen), it can only be exciting and instructive. I have made rhubarb strudel. That will be my contribution to the evening. 🙂


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