Release of calendar for 2014 on Tuesday!

Finally, we are finished with the calendar! I hope all of you that have sent enquiries now will find the answers to your questions. This will be an exciting year!

076On New years eve chickens were hatched so I went to the store to get cottage cheese and chives. After the holiday, enquiries from trainees and wwoofers started to come in. Organization has started for the exhibition ”NaturResurser på Ecotopia” (Nature resources at Ecotopia) in collaboration with exhibition designer Liselotte Öhman which will open at Easter, and the county governor visit April 9th. We are painting the desk in the Meeting place and installing wood stoves in the cabins. Soon all the pumpkins have been stored. I tried an Arabian recipe with cloves, cinnamon, saffron, allspice and yoghurt, instead of the usual Caribbean. Very tasty. Roland harvested the leek before he started shoveling tons of snow.

And I wanted vacation for the rest of January but that didn’t happen. My holistic perspective and attitude prevented this. During build-up phases I always take part in everything, to be able to understand and take responsibility for the entirety. Right now I am sitting with the calendar in WordPress. Thankyou Kristian and Marie for technical and linguistic support! The foundation of Ecotopia is constructed after being physically established in Swedish reality. It is time for team building 2014! A team of people wanting to co-create a sustainable future and help people in this time of transition. I am delegating large parts of the kitchen and office to people who want to work transparently based on their own mission, competence and the mission of Ecotopia, together with colleagues. To take one’s own responsibility, planning, structuring and directing your work in collaboration is part of the Ecotopia team. To become who you are through development in collaboration – what else? To be motivated and feel the joy of working. Not being a contractor seeking only money, longing for free time and retirement.

Once upon a time there was a society calling itself the industrial society, where the people were comparable to machines. They worked and produced in the rulers’ economic profite motive, growing bigger each day. At that time the people were manipulated to consuming and constantly creating new needs. The food was getting less nutritional and more poisonous each day and floods and other nature disasters got common… Thus the people in the country and all over the world put themselves in debt for a long time ahead… This fairytale was getting a bad ending, but step by step something so radical happened that this story got a happy ending.

Isn’t it nice to have Christmas vacation! Roland’s kids and grandkids and my son and grandkids were all here at the same time. We were 18 people by a table in the Meeting place. Then the kids played in the Future workshop. Also my walks in Haväng, the exhibition Utopia in Malmö modern museum, my personal vision building and the book ”Consciousness the New Currency” (Brandon Bays) have bee very rewarding. In February I’ll probably catch up what I’ve missed. I do love the white winter that is right now. I don’t want to miss it like I did with the summer of 2013.


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