Surveying & research

The farm’s history was the start of a four year long research and mapping phase (2006-2010) covering all four seasons. We observed and asked questions, took samples and had them analyzed, commissioned the landscape architect and collected necessary documents from different authorities:

  • Inspection of residential building (OBM, Ystad)
  • Gathered maps
  • Invited two of the former owners to the farm
  • Interviewing and researching photographs
  • Visiting the monasteries and talking to the neighbours
  • Well and drilling protocols (Geological Survey of Sweden, wells archive)
  • Water analysis of private well (ALcontrol Laboratories)
  • Vegetation and topography (Landscape architect Mellanrum, Vitaby)
  • Medicinal plants, edible plants, wild vegetables
  • Insects, birds, wild animals etc
  • Spatial analysis of the landscape (Landscape architect Mellanrum, Vitaby)
  • Maps of ditches and veins of water
  • Maps of soil types and bedrock (Geological Survey of Sweden)
  • Excavation test of groundwater level and types of soil
  • Soil samples (Eurofins, Kristianstad)
  • Noise measurement (Vägverket)
  • Meeting with the forest manager (Susab)
  • Winds
  • Solstice, sun traps, shadows
  • Water flows, the earth’s uptake, rain water collection etc
  • Environmental threats
  • Natural building materials available
  • Test farming
  • Climate data (SMHI)
  • Radon inspection (Radonanalys GJAB)
  • Existing drain (Tomelilla municipality)
  • Existing geothermal heating system (Tomelilla municipality)
  • Energy consumption


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