Environmental threats against Ecotopia

Ecotopia Österlen is situated right on the edge of the modern industrialized society with all its environmental threats, which gives the visitor the opportunity to make comparative studies. Furthermore, Ecotopia Österlen sees it as its duty to contribute to a sustainable development of rural areas as well as increasing general awareness from the point of a global environmental discussion.

We are continuously being exposed to old and new environmental threats. The largest threats 2006-2013 are the planning of wind mills in all four directions of the sky, a German factory for building and distributing wind mills from Ystad harbour, removal of bus stops, expansion of roads, expropriation, road traffic noise, crash barriers that put local inhabitants at immediate risk, Shell’s plan (abandoned at the moment) to build a fossil gas plant, pesticides in wetlands, the feeding of wild boars, deforestation and polluted municipal water.

The main operators are Akka Vind AB, Billy Vind AB, Eolus Vind AB, Trafikverket, Skånetrafiken and Shell with more or less support from the the municipalities of Ystad, Tomelilla, Sjöbo and Simrishamn and Ystad-Österlens Miljöförbund. The decisive decisions are taken by the Swedish Parliament. Consequences are that we, powerless and defenseless people at grassroot level, together with nature are being subjected to environmental threats and abuse. We are forced to form action groups and submit pronouncements for our right to appeal och take part in consultations in order to counter the massive pressure we face.

At Ecotopia Österlen we represent the rights of humans and nature based on our quest to promote a sustainable development in rural areas. This would not have been possible without the help of a legal expert on land and environmental law. Within the framework of our activities we intend to share our experiences of environmental sham democracy.

People’s relationship and contact with nature seems to be crucial for how sustainable the future will be that all of us help create every day.