Permaculture design

The certification course in permaculture design was very intense for the participators – and appreciated. “A designers Manual” by Bill Mollison was in its entirety the foundation for the education. Lots of theory, many films, creative exercises, morning meetings, field trips, guest lecturers, practical exercises and last but not least the making of permaculture designs that were presented to the public at the Permaculture evening August 15th. All this was pressed into the 72 hours the education consists of. The course that led participators into new ideas as well as creating sustainable projects of the future, was led by the sympathetic and experienced teacher Christoff from Permakulturschule in Austria. The education is planned to be held again for 2014 but then with a workshop added to the certification for those who mainly want to have practical permaculture experiences. The pictures show both the group dynamics and the presentation but also a selection from the amazingly creative designs.

I watched the course from a kitchen perspective. Never did I imagine cooking so much vegetarian food with such continuity as I have this summer. Nowadays I’m also baking my first cakes and cookies. Now I know I don’t want to be a cook when I grow up. I do love to cook but only for a small group I am participating in. I am also very focused on storing the harvest for winter. So now I am parboiling beans, making tomato sugo and soup, ratatouille and so on. The sun is shining and the freshly harvested ecological hay (1200 small bales) are soon in the barn 🙂 Roland is doing this work together with our two volunteers Nuno and Aron. Nuno Cuelho is a university lecturer for environmental design at the University of Arts in London, where he is doing research about a society both inclusive and self-sufficient. Right now he is investigating existing Ecotopia projects and their developments. Aron is applying for studies – he wants to be either an agronomist or an IT expert. Wonder which way will he go?

Mariel and I are working with the autumn program which will be runningly published on our webpage. That is also intense work but not exactly physically exhausting 🙂





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