At last we have begun building the outhouse by the Skånelänge. Pity the poor guests who have to walk the path to the service unit! A urine-separating dry toilet. All the material for the building was already in place, other than the blue Dass-Isak (see picture) and the tank. Nutrients and organic matter will be reused on the fields in the form of sanitised urine and composted faecal matter. Then it’s just the red heart to be installed, the toilet paper to go in, and the newspapers for those who want to read.

We’re looking for weather protection (just a roof) for the building but it seems to be solely something for big construction companies that build multi-storey buildings and shopping centres. What prices…nothing for the self-builder. But I will call around to scaffolders in the neighbourhood. Maybe someone who sets them up 😉 You can’t mount the wooden joists in awful April weather which, according to the sowing calendar, is both humid and wet. The joists cannot get damp. Maybe one could ask the trees around the construction site if they are prepared to hold the roof.

Next Saturday (7/3) we are opening again for the public. The eco-café is open 12-17. Guided tours 14-16. You are welcome! Next Sunday the collective growing group and seed bank are meeting. Thus begins the year’s growing season. Yes, it really is time to begin indoor germination. The collective growing group is looking for members! The theme evening 19 May, 18:30, is about egg tempera, linseed oil paint, chalk paint, and many other environmentally-friendly paints. Then Maria Attström will teach how to produce paints, use paints, and what to consider when one starts to paint indoors and outdoors. Later she holds two workshops, both theory and practical. Then one can get to hold the brush and prepare ahead of spring’s eco-friendly painting of outdoor furniture, exterior walls, windows, etc. both at home and in the summer cabin.

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