New calendar!

The new calendar for autumn and winter is now on the homepage. Here you find courses, workshops and theme evenings. Sustainable health is at the centre for the coming season. It’s about food being our medicine, herbal medicine and homeopathy, qigong and self-healing, cooking vegetarian food, electromagnetic hypersensitivity and dance. But also about collective growing and collecting seeds, as well as about low energy houses and how one insulates one’s home.

To take care of one’s health in a natural way, eat ecological and nutritional food, as well as live in healthy homes in a sustainable environment, is associated for me with our human rights. Complementary medicine, slow food and ecobuilding will hopefully replace conventional medicine, fast food and traditional building in the future. It is time to swap chemical medicines for natural ones, the meat on our plates for ecological vegetables, cement for clay, and glass wool for flax. Each and every one of us is an architect of the future who, through every choice we make, is responsible for our own health while we simultaneously collectively create the future.

We put out two calendars per year. The next spring and summer calendar is published at the beginning of next year. Then there will be more courses about ecobuilding, such as straw bale building, clay building and how to build a mass oven.

Planning of the forest garden (900m2) is in full flow. We have done test digs, measured the earth’s pH-value at the surface and further down, brought in a lot of plants with edible fruits and leaves, looked over the tools, hired a digger, bought garden lime, inspected the farm’s manure and compost, etc. It’s becoming a real school-forest garden that the participants in this week’s workshop will co-create. This under the direction of Christoff and Dominik from the Permaculture School (Permakulturskolan) in Austria. Thursday 21 August at 18:30 Chrisoff is holding a lecture on The forest garden – the subsistence garden.

You are welcome!

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