Many highlights at once

Bales of barley will be put in the pond which is finally cleansed from algae, so that oxygen can be led in. The algae is used as soil coverage in the kitchen garden. 
The first frost has come so we have taken the pumpkins inside. The paprikas, last tomatoes and melons in the greenhouse can stay a little longer thanks to the sun shining everyday 🙂 

The stable roof is insulated. The inner walls are being finished and now we are doing the outer walls. We don’t cut the straw inside because Roland wants lively and, as he calls it, organic walls. Might be good for the animals if they want to scratch themselves at places hard to reach… We have Glava slates left so we have decided to dress the building with it as protection against the rain, about 1 metre above ground. Doors and windows are painted with linseed oil paint and the roof board is so far protecting the roof. We haven’t chosen a roof yet. After that only the male goat is missing. We found him at the Bokeslunds farm when we were out on “Ekorundan”, an event where you are invited to visit local ecological farms. He is of the breed Göinge goat, a Swedish culture breed (historic/farm breed?) that we feel is right. This spring there will be kids, and the possibility to taste some of our own goat cheese 🙂

ChristianstadThe Christianstad Symphonic had their kick off and rehearsed in our Future workshop. 30 musicians came with Patrik Dahlbom as director. Their Halloween Special “A horrible night at the concert hall” was on the program, and almost lifted the roof off the Future workshop. This day the building got its first acoustic review: “Very good acoustics”, which was especially pleasing. It felt like The Vienna Symphonic was visiting 🙂

We also have had the theme evening with Ann-Louise Fransson who was a success last year, and she was again. This time she showed how to make your own ecological skincare from wild plants. We also had a very interesting lecture hosted by the association Sustainable Building in South (Hållbart Byggande i Syd) who had invited eco arcitect Varis Bokalders. His lecture “How to build houses in a sustainable society” was held for members and the general public. The local newspaper wrote an article about it! So glad to have Varis here. Last time he visited was when he gave a lecture at the opening of Ecotopia in May 2012.

We got some very happy information! A message we have not dared to dream about. Since 2006 when we moved to our farm, the group “Österlen – gone with the wind” has tried to save Bondrum from the establishment of a wind power park. The environment court gave their verdict in the favor of the local community. Now we can only hope that the municipality will not appeal the verdict. Then we can plan a small wind mill at Ecotopia. Small scale and self sustainable wind power is what we like 🙂


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