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Today a journalist came and took photos. I stood on the foundation of the new house and pointed here and there. The views from the winter garden and bedroom in the east are both free and scenic. One sees the pond, the meadow, and the forest, while the pines at the same time provide protection. The snowflakes fell from the sky and the landscape was white. When the weather doesn’t allow work outside we glue the joists in the garage. But the winter is also suitable for (boring) major cleaning, and we have waxed, oiled, and polished all the floors in an environmentally-friendly way.  So we now have fresh, gleaming, and easily-cleaned floors with a high gloss. I have stayed overnight in the cabins in order to get a sense of the indoor climate. In the stone cottage it feels as if one is in a castle, while in the straw bale cabin I get the feeling of living in nature.  What was good about this test stay was that I now know what we offer. In addition it has also led to us installing shower curtains, getting new bathroom mats, changing the lights, completing the kitchen equipment etc. and creating a to-do list. Next up it will be the system for sorting waste, more stable floor under the ground source boiler, and so on. Hiring out begins on the 7th of March this year – a wise decision. 😉

And the old tractor, born 1977, had to be collected by the ambulance and taken to the hospital in Frörum… poor Massey Ferguson!

The calendar is now available.  The exciting thing with the courses this year is that the majority are connected to Ecotopia’s new buildings. Both the straw bale house courses and the workshop in clay oven building. Look forward to meeting the pioneer and passive house expert Hans Eek.  Traditional and environmentally-friendly painting also belong to eco-building. Permaculture in both education and practice, not to forget.. Otherwise we will never really be self-sustaining. ;.) The transition project, community growing and seed bank continue, and new participants are very welcome. With yoga, mindfulness, self-healing, vegetarian food preparation, and vision building, both body and mind are catered for. The photo exhibition for Easter is about ‘The new buildings’. On Thursday next week we are starting the new year with the Future café. Professor Ulrich Nitsch will give a lecture. Think of all these experts, pioneers, and enthusiasts that are coming to Ecotopia this year. What a wonderful thing! 🙂

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