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Consider how many interesting and conscious people you meet on Ecotopia. People of all ages from different countries and continents. Students, employees, entrepreneurs, civil servants, active volunteers…from the whole range of different professional groups, as well as people who have not found their place in this society. All meetings are equally interesting! The common denominator is that they question the society we live in, with its consumption dependence, profit interest (linear economy), fossil fuel use, monocultural cultivation, unhealthy diet trends, houses whose construction materials contain hazardous materials, etc. So there are many discussions, working groups developing innovative new opportunities, and personal statements made. And this between course participants, those in the future café (which is now a closed group), among college students, groups on field trips, or other visitors. Imagine that you get to experience this without leaving the farm. Totally incredible! Thank you to all who in this way contribute to Ecotopia’s knowledge bank and above all else to sustainable development and the contemporary paradigm shift 🙂

We have received inquiries regarding the calendar for 2016. We are working on it right now. In December we will publish an overview on the website and in January 2016 you will find spring and summer program, with the opportunity to register. There will be courses on cultivation, permaculture, natural medicine, straw bale house building, the circular economy, vegetarian cooking, rawfood etc., which are mostly hosted by the already-chosen course leader at Ecotopia.

Last weekend, in conjunction with Wild October (Vilda Oktober), we had a guided tour of the straw bale building. It was really exciting to just focus on this tight and moisture-free building design with its renewable energy solutions. Right now we are insulating the ceiling in the conservatory with flax. Today the chimney sweep was here. Jackdaws had built nests in the Skånelänga and shieling’s shared chimney. So now participants in clay oven building course with Johannes Riesterer can fire in the cabins. It sure is cozy to light a fire in stove while autumn leaves are falling 😉

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  1. Dear Karin

    I am glad to see the photos of Crossing Borders people here.
    Thank you for the experience and for walking the eco-talk

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