Inspiring study visits and educational development phase

On Sunday it was time for an international study visit. The Swedish Institute [Svenska Institutet] arranged this visit with representatives from five countries in Africa Kenya, Tanzania, Etiopien, Rwanda and Zambia. This as a part of the Swedish Institute Management Programme, a leadership programme focusing on sustainable business. We offered welcome smoothies, lectures, a guided tour and rawfood tasting samples. Presenting Ecotopia to international guests is something exceptionally special. There is so much we have in common 🙂 A trip back to the roots: build houses with raw materials from nature, cultivate for subsistence, create edible landscapes, utilise existing resources, etc. Besides this, we have a lot of fun together. Spontaneity, laughter, joy and having company close at hand make the day both lively and colorful.

The day after tomorrow, the next study group visit is coming. Then a group from Österlen Folk High School, who are studying a public course in sustainable development, are coming. This is to immerse themselves in environmental issues based on a natural environment. It will be an interesting meeting.

This Thursday Rustan Nilsson is coming to Ecotopia to hold a theme evening on garbage and waste management. At the same time we inaugurate the environmental cabin. Rustan is a well-known motivator so we look forward to much good advice and many tips! This is so that our guests, and also ourselves, gradually contribute to and stay within the confines of environmentally-friendly cycles.

Now it feels as if Ecotopia is completed. Vision 1 is realized. Target 1 has been attained. This journey began with a vision in 2006. This was followed by four years of intensive taking of inventory and planning, with construction starting in 2010.  In May 2012, the education space, the meeting place and thereafter several more planned sustainable solutions in the natural environment on the farm were built up. The business then began as a first step in the building of the knowledge centre. The educational programs went hand in hand with the building, just as the planned courses in solar energy self-building and clay oven building will do this autumn. In this way we share the knowledge intake of Ecotopia. Course participants have been involved in the process of  building the eco-cabins, the stables and the forest garden.

It has been an exciting collective journey, with many interesting courses and project leaders, as well as participants on location who contributed to all of the sustainable solutions that Ecotopia is able to present today! A warm THANK YOU for a very educational development phase! 2016 sounds the starting shot for vision Part 2. The next phase begins then. It feels like a new start 😉

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