Harvest, vision and solar heating

Autumn has arrived and so it is time to harvest and store. The greenhouse tunnel has been emptied of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergine, grapes, etc. The tomato plants look overgrown and physalis is everywhere you look – both ripe  and unripe fruit. The root vegetables are still standing outside, as are the leeks and Brussels sprouts. Considering letting the parsnip remain in the soil over winter. That I learned at the last seed meeting. It need only be covered, as with artichokes. The squash should be inside in the warm and the onions are drying. Have sown the garlic but not sown winter salad yet … really a touch late, but maybe … The apple harvest, which this year is neither large nor, to the eye, beautiful, has gone with empty bottles to the cider factory. The shiitake suddenly emerged and gave a great harvest. As luck would have it, we had a course over the weekend, so participants got a taste of fresh mushrooms. The picture shows one of the participants after successful lactic fermentation.

Destinationsprocessen Skåne Sydost held its seventh process group meeting at Ecotopia. Olof Viktors, Österlenkryddor, Kiviks Musteri, Brösarps Gästis, Kronovall’s castle, Ystad Saltsjöbad and many more companies in Österlen were represented there. All are working for the same thing: a barrier-breaking vision. Today the newly-formed Communications and Development Department of Tomelilla Municipality was here on a study visit. The issue of sustainability and thoughts about the future were in focus.

Now we are preparing for the weekend, when a solar heating system will be built. This with the goal of bringing new life to the self-building movement. An exciting journey that is initiated with both solar experts and solar enthusiasts in place. 🙂

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