Harvest, homeopathy and house building

We have now harvested the potatoes and corn. The potatoes are being stored in the earth cellar and the corn we freeze. We have harvested unbelievable volumes of tomatoes this year so I have, among other things, cooked French tomato soup based on ecological white wine, spiced with sherry in large amounts. The nuns have also got large amounts of cocktail tomatoes and yellow teardrops. Soon it will be time to take care of the peppers. The apples are pressed and there are now more than 300 bottles of juice in the cellar. In addition I have cooked apple sauce. The aubergine plants’ fruit are ripe but the pumpkins have not withered yet. The root vegetables are still in the ground but the onions are harvested. They are set out to dry. Just like the tomatoes, apples, mushrooms, herbs and medicinal plants. My friend Marie has in fact acquired a raw food dryer and is first drying master. The results are unbelievably good! I, who earlier always dried in the sun and in the living room, have now had to take in the scent of a yarrow and the cocktail tomatoes taste like sweets…it is just the chocolate that is missing;) In the forest garden the green manure is showing itself to have good germination capacity and it will soon be time to plant garlic and then winter salad.

The planning of a passive house is making progress – a senior’s home. The building application is done and the building, whose ground work is now done in the autumn, is being perfected. So the spring is about straw bale building, mass oven building etc. with courses and workshops that will be put on the homepage in January. Yet another spring with an eco-building flavour;)

Next week though the theme evening concerns natural medicine. Catharina Ehlo will lecture on herbal medicine and homeopathy. On the weekend qigong instructor Ingalill Kjellqvist is holding a course that will inspire self-healing. It isn’t enough to build a sound house. We also need a sound body and a sustainable lifestyle in order to be able to really thrive in a sound house. Therefore people’s health stands at the centre this autumn.

Pictures of harvest time

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