Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast in Eco-cabins

We welcome you to come and stay in one of our eco-cabins.

The cabins are placed in different natural surroundings and each cabin has four beds, which makes a total of 20 beds. The cabins are all built differently regarding construction and choice of ecological building materials, such as straw, clay, mud-bricks, wood, peat and reed. Kitchen, two bathrooms and four compost toilets are available in our service unit at Mötesplatsen (the Meeting Place), 1-2 minutes walk from the cabins. Our wheelchair accessible cabin has its own kitchen and bathroom.

The purpose of the cabins is to inspire and provide knowledge about ecological building, giving an experience of being close to nature while sensing what it’s like to live in a ecologically sound building. For electrosensitive people the electricity can be turned off and the cabins heated with wood fire.

The cost of renting an eco-cabin with four beds is 400-650 SEK per night. Stenstugan, which can accommodate disabled persons (see below), with four beds, kitchen and bathroom cost 600-850 SEK per night.  You can either bring your own sheets and towel or rent them, which cost 60 SEK per person. Different prices apply when staying at Ecotopia while participating in one of our courses.

Since we have an eco-cycle gray water sewage system, we are most grateful if you only use organic hygiene products when staying with us. If you don’t have any, they can be acquired at Ecotopia.

Skånelängan and Fäboden

Skånelängan (traditional Scanian house) and Fäboden (traditional house in northern Sweden) are built together as semi-detached eco-cabins. Skånelängan is built of dried mud-bricks and insulated with flax. Fäboden is a wooden construction insulated with sheep wool. These cabins are heated with wood stoves where you make your own fire.


Straw bale cabins

Two of the cabins are built of straw bales. One has clay walls and floor, while the other is covered with wood panelling and has a hardwood floor. Both cabins have geothermal heating.

Stenstugan – wheelchair accessible eco-cabin

In order to give everyone the opportunity to stay at Ecotopia we have designed Stenstugan (the Stone Cabin) to accommodate disabled persons. It is wheelchair accessible and has room for four people. The cabin is open plan and equipped with kitchen and bathroom. The ecological building materials used are wood, slate, stone and clay. The cabin is insulated with hemp and has geothermal heating. Front door and windows are painted with linseed oil paint in the colours cinnamon and ginger.

Prices, booking, checking in etc.

Eco-cabins with two or four beds as well as access to kitchen, shower, waste cycle toilet in the meeting place’s service facility 400-650kr per night. Relates to the following cabins: Skånelänga (2 beds) / Fäbod (4 beds) / straw bale cabin clay (4 beds) / straw bale cabin wood (2 beds)

Accessibility-adapted eco-cabin with four beds as well as own kitchen, shower and toilet (water flushing) 600-850kr per night.

Sheets and towels you can either bring or hire for 85 kr per person. Breakfast 85kr in the eco-cafe with a stay.

Discount for booking one week or more: 15%

If you have questions and/or want to book, then send a message via the website or ring +46 703 330 814