Easter exhibition The Settlers

This exhibition is about a more subsistent ecological lifestyle, about constructing one’s own healthy buildings, about cooperation, about strengthening the local society, circular economy and about creating one’s own sustainable future while simultaneously contributing to sustainable development, both globally and locally. In this post-industrial era it is now time to build a new society – a recycling society/the holistic relations society. The pioneers and visionaries have already begun this work. Therefore, this exhibition is called The Settlers. When Vilhelm Moberg wrote The Settlers he referred to all of those who crossed the Atlantic. They were awarded land and so began to utilise the soil and build their homes based on accessible natural resources. People left their old lives behind and started anew. At that time it was joblessness and material poverty that formed the basis for the change. Now it is people’s expanded consciousness that directs today’s pioneering efforts.

A warm welcome and a happy Easter!

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