Calendar 2016

The calendar is now on the website. There will be a lot permaculture and many cooking classes next year. Raw Food appears among the courses and in the kitchen too. Sustainable health is, as usual, an important component. The program also includes sustainable personal finance, biological wastewater solutions, environmentally-friendly painting, beekeeping, solar energy etc. The calendar reflects what we think is important for the co-creation of a sustainable future. Imagine if we had already reached that point in society. If this had been a computer game, it would have been played day and night. 🙂

Students from the school of architecture at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University came for a study visit, Eve held her vegetarian cooking course ahead of Christmas, the last tour took place, and solar enthusiasts met to plan self-building. Thus ended the year and Ecotopia went into hibernation, with the gates set to open again on 01 February. This period will be occupied with property maintenance, such as waxing of floors, housecleaning, etc. in addition to a lot of planning and administration.

Have now found reeds with suitable mesh and galvanized wire mesh for the interior walls, which can then be wattled and daubed. This venerable old company, operating since 1833, is supplying 15 rolls (150m²). We are now heating the clay oven, have insulated the roof of the winter garden with hemp and put in a piece of cherry tree that the storm felled three years ago. The cherry tree now supports the roof structure – thanks for that!

But NOW it’s time for downtime. Meet friends and enjoy the community. Go to the Christmas markets, laugh and have fun. Meeting the winter in nature. Reflect. A special time among my nearest in my previous residence of Gmunden.

This after a very intensive year, both personally and work-wise.

Therefore, we at Ecotopia now want to offer thanks for the past year and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Sustainable New Year 2016! We hope to see you again next year 🙂

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