The Calendar 2015

I am sitting and working with the calendar for next year. Yes, next year really is within reach. Week 51 we lay out an overview so that you can see what’s happening at Ecotopia 2015. Week 4 you can then collect all the information and make applications. It will be a packed program with eco-building, permaculture, wellness, vision building, and vegetarian food preparation..

Are you missing your black and affectionate indoor cat? She appeared suddenly, both under-nourished and despairing.  Now she is lying on a chair in the kitchen with a view over the food bowls. The food is most important for her just now.  The other cats are accepting her. All understand what a difficult situation she finds herself in. And she is really so kind and shows so much gratitude for food, milk and a chair in the warm. Be so kind and get in touch if you recognise the cat in the picture.

Eric from Urshult planted a selection of his fruit trees that he himself pulled up. With his 50 years of experience in the trade he has gathered together an extensive store of knowledge. It was wonderful to be able to take advantage of Eric’s professional skills.

Regarding Smålanders. On Sunday Virestad’s Folkdance team were here on a study visit.  A happy and curious group that in addition to being good at dancing are also good at making candy canes 😉 It was very enjoyable to have them here 🙂

Carl-Eric Hagentoft, professor in building and environmental technology, now living in Olseröd, held a theme evening on house insulation and low energy use. He talked about the connection between warmth, damp and air. How damp arises and what types of damage can result. How energy losses arise. That thermal conductivity constitutes the measure of quality of various insulation materials and how one can in a passive house have control over the air and energy losses. Since the participants showed great interest, we are considering going further with a single day course next year.

On Saturday it is time for a workshop from Eve Maltais, from Eve’s Bistro in Tomelilla, on cooking small vegetarian dishes for the Christmas meal. Vegetables, nuts, fruit and spices of all types are among the ingredients. We conclude with enjoying this wonderfully tasty and simultaneously healthy Christmas meal together. It will be a Christmas party at Ecotopia 🙂


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