Building & Harvesting

The straw-bale house building course has now ended, and thanks to a shift of public officials in our local municipality; planning processes, the course as well as building, all came together in time so that everything moved forward efficiently. See the course leaders‘ photos here. The roof is also in place now as well as the structural beams. Yesterday we planned our next project, a small recycling center with building permission from 2010. It will be built of rammed earth. The construction, being lead by Markus Beskow of Bäskemölla, is scheduled for the middle of September 2013, where a maximum of seven persons may participate in the building process. You are welcome to notify us via the website if you are interested in learning this technique.

The certification course in “Permaculture and Design” starts this week, and we are looking forward to it very much. We are well prepared here, and are right now harvesting lots of wild raspberries and cherries. Yesterday i made cherry lemonade and prepared garden soil for the winter. Christoff and Cecilia, our practitioners, harvested basil; which is now lying out to dry. Below are some impressions from the garden taken by Cristoff, and two pictures of the newly decorated Skånelänga (traditional Swedish style house, vernacular to the province of Skåne). It was used for the first time by participants at the straw bale house building course.

Happy mid-summer!


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