Autumn and winter program 2013


It is now time for a new autumn and winter program 2013. Most events this autumn will be held in Swedish so they are not listed in the English calendar. (See Swedish calendar here.) But we welcome guests from all over the world and have tours in English and German. We will update with international courses next year.
The autumn has two themes going: society and lifestyle changes, or, the transition period that we are in. The second theme is alternative medicine. So we have invited David Jonstad, head editor of the magazine Effekt and author of the book “Kollaps – Livet vid civilisationens slut” (My translation: Collapse – Life at the end of civilisation). We also invited Ann-Louise Fransson who is an expert on plant medicine and was very appreciated last year. And then we have Margaretha Orvelius, authorized homeopath SAKH. These themes are here to stay at Ecotopia, as well as ecologic growth/permaculture, sustainable economy/social entrepreneurship, nature/environment and of course eco building. These are Ecotopia’s core subjects in order to create a sustainable future. So far, eco building has overshadowed everything else. No wonder because we have stood, lived and slept in a building site since 2011. But now when the structure is getting finished we can start filling it with content. Which makes me think about Hasse Alfredsson (Swedish actor and writer): “Life is like a bag – empty and vacuous if you don’t fill it with something”…So let us fill the bag with future oriented caramels. The content of this holistic knowledge centre will revolve around society and lifestyle changes and the transition period we are in, permeating our core subjects. The autumn program is the introduction (the ouverture) of this next exiting journey and we are really looking forward to it, hoping to meet you on the way! 🙂

“To dare is to lose one’s footing for a moment, not to dare is to lose oneself.” ~Sören Kierkegaard


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