The film, The Planet

The film, The Planet (Planeten), is a Swedish documentary that explains how the global population over-exploits the world’s resources.

“Never before has one species influenced the earth the way we do today. 96% of the world’s glaciers are shrinking, more than a billion people are suffering a lack of clean water and the number of natural catastrophes has quadrupled over the last 40 years. According to the assessments of many scientific studies, we have 20-50 years to transform our use of energy, our global economic system, and perhaps even our way of life.

But are we able to change?

What can regular people do?

And are the governments courageous enough to make the decisions that have to be made?

If not, what world will children born today grow up in?”

In episode four of this series, entitled “Time to choose”, four possible perspectives on the future are presented. Ecotopia is one of them.