The book, Ecotopia

The name “Ecotopia” is derived from the title of Ernest Callenbach’s fictional novel, first published in the USA in 1975. The story, and more over the society described within it’s pages, is one of the first illustrations of an ecological utopia, which had a strong influence on the green-wave of the 1970s. The story describes the experiences of top journalist, Will Weston, as he discovers “Ecotopia”: everything from the self sufficient life to solar energy, from recycling to private schooling on farms, from zero carbon emissions to a 20 hour work week, from recycling module houses to forming new relationships between people, but above all, a society striving for a life in harmony with the natural environment.

The book, is an imaginative literature of fiction, but the case study of the it’s ecological sustainable society is based on research results, innovations, & scientific reports. Today we are still attempting to manifest the continuity of it’s concept. It has been almost 40 years since Callenbach illustrated the first glimpses of Ecotopia, but we still have much to overcome. Though emerging, Ecotopia is at large still just an ecological Utopia in our society today.

On the 12th of March 2012, only one month prior to his passing (April 16, 2012) and just 2 months to our official opening of “Ecotopia på Österlen” (May 12, 2012), we received our last communication from Ernest Callenbach himself:

…the Ecotopia på Osterlen project sounds marvelous, part of a global network of experiments in doing things in new and more sustainable ways. In a lecture I gave in Freiburg two years ago, I likened this process to biological “succession”. I wish you all the best of luck. And make sure, in the Ecotopian spirit, that you keep on having fun…best wishes.

 Ernest Callenbach