Local society

The little village of Bondrum lies south of Brösarp and north of Fågeltofta, within the parish of Fågeltofta. In 1965 road 19 was built, cutting a section off from the farm and leaving the farm around which Ecotopia Österlen is built lying on ‘the other side of the tracks.’ The vicinity of Bondrum formerly belonged to Kronovall’s manor. In 1991 the Count and Countess Sparre donated Kronovall’s manor and its associated lands to the Riddarhuset (The House of Nobility) in Stockholm, which today, besides Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration), constitutes Ecotopia Österlens nearest neighbour.

Also within the district of the manor was Bondrum’s farm, one of the oldest preserved timber-framed farms in Skåne, today owned by Albo district local historical association (Albo Härads Hembygdsförening) and managed by the Bondrum group. Many local residents are engaged in Bondrum farm’s operations. The farm serves as a traditional gathering place and offers visitors both activities and tours. Besides these meetings local people have gathered there when environmental threats constituted a new danger for the district. Ecotopia Österlen offers itself as an additional gathering place in order to strengthen the village community and as a party venue.

The farm itself with its adjacent properties were also previously part of a district plan developed for conservation efforts by the local monastery, Mariavalls Kloster,’ but have over the years been sold off to private use for farmland and homes. Nestled between rolling green pastures and the sparsely wooded remains of old growth beech and young pine forests, Ecotopia marks the entrance to the outskirts of the little village with a community centre for the broader local society. It also geographically and physically manifests the objectives of standing in the path of the inescapable reality of industrial society and its impact on the natural environment, and seeking to bring about transformation.