About Us

Karin Malmgren

Social entrepreneur & acting proxy of Ecotopia på Österlen

Karin was born and raised on a farm in Bara. Her education in social science 1976 concluded with a Masters at the University of Lund in 2004. From 1976 to December 2003, Karin lived in Austria, during which period she worked as a project and pedagogical leader. She founded and built up an educational centre and has been active as an organizational developer and transitional pedagogue in private non-profit organizations, the church, and in the political and public sectors. Karin’s primary work has been paradigm change in organizational structures, outgoing from restructuring existing leadership, where the employer and clients transform hierarchically-controlled, bureaucratic and static organizations to flat, client-orientated, flexible organizations. Outside of Austria she has assisted transformations in organizations in Italy, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In addition, she is a pedagogue in recreational activity and drama theatre, where she has also led cultural activities such as forum theatre, dance and expressive painting. Karin has always been a very engaged social entrepreneur. Positively inspired by her Austrian lifestyle of ecological small-scale farming, certified in permaculture, and outgoing from her interests in environmental debate, her vision for Ecotopia på Österlen was born. During a course on Sustainable Building & Living at the High School of Dalarna (2008 – 2009), the basis for this vision was established. Today Karin is the operations manager for Ecotopia på Österlen.

Martin Behm

Creative Director


Martin Behm is Karin’s son. He is currently living in Stockholm together with his daughter Emy. Martin has an MBA from Lund University and has studied advertising in San Francisco. He has long experience in the advertising field and works today as Creative Director at one of Sweden’s leading marketing agencies. Martin has been participating in Ecotopia’s development since the start and helps voluntarily in dealing with branding questions. He is convinced that it is possible to change all behaviour. All that is needed is often just a push in the right direction.

“Ecotopia is becoming a central location for expanding people’s knowledge, understanding and consciousness in a time of change, in which new modes of thinking and sustainable solutions are vital.”

“Ecotopia has a special place in my heart. A place for relaxation and reflection, as well as innovative thinking and self-realisation. I hope that many will get the chance to experience, take part in, and contribute to this creation.”